Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Scott Hamilton - The Great 8

"The Great Eight" was a beautifully written piece that covers Scott's many trials and tribulations - learning the "figure 8" skate move (and patience and not giving up in the process), testicular cancer, brain cancer, going for the gold - that Scott has triumphed in his life. This book gives the 8 secrets Scott has lived by, and is an uplifting, easy read that applies to real life. I thought when I first started this book it would be a preachy "be happy" book and was pleasantly surprised to find it was an uplifting, sometimes humorous, take on life. The best part of the book was the way it was written - almost as though Scott was there, speaking directly to you. Definitely a must read for anyone who needs a pick-me-up. And a perfect gift for someone hard to shop for.


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For my birthday my husband and daughter gave me "The Awakening" by Kelley Armstrong, Book #2 in the Darkest Powers Trilogy. This trilogy is the ongoing saga of Chloe Saunders, one necromancer extraordinaire. The books parallel the Otherworld series, but these characters do not interact directly with those characters - well, at least not yet.

I love love love Kelley's Otherworld series, and absolutely had to read this new one when it came out. The DPT is every bit as good, just PG rather than R.

In this book, Chloe awakens back in the lab, locked into a "hotel room". Rachel has also been caught and contained. Chloe is able to access a computer, where she learns not only are they "others" but they have been genetically modified by the Edison Group in an experiment to control their powers. The Edison group claims to be working for the greater good of man kind (yep, key scary music here) and have modified their genetic codes in an effort to offset the "difficulties" paranormals experience at puberty, when powers tend to settle in. Chloe accesses a list of students, 1 who is considered "rehabilitated", 3 who have been terminated (Yes, Liz is definitely dead I fear), and she and Derek, who have "???" by their names.

Chloe cleverly tricks the Edison group into taking her with to look for the rendezvous point, stating she could be bait to lure Derrek and Simon out into the open for the Edison group to catch. She is able to get away (yay!), and amazingly, Tori comes with. Turns out Tori's had enough, her mom's an evil witch (literally!) and they take off together. Tori stays true to character, totally shallow, pushing Chloe into danger on more than one occasion and abandoning her when things get scary. Chloe's powers are intensifying (side effect of genetic modification - if it works your powers are less, if it doesn't then yours are more). Derrek is still unable to transform completely, but comes closer with each "fit". Derrek is now terrified of the changing process - a normal werewolf of course would and could shift when ready, but with the modifications who knows what will happen.

Chloe's powers are very unstable, she concentrates to contact Liz, and bats raise. The body of a homeless guy raises (funny as he tries to crawl up her legs) and a bird. Chloe discovers the hard way she can raise bodies in her sleep while dreaming, and fears what she will see each time she closes her eyes.

End of the book leaves you hanging for the finale of course - I won't spoil it, but you won't be disappointed. Definitely another winner from Ms. Armstrong.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spotlight on PR


I caught this chance today, and would love to join the fun of doing reviews and giveaways.

It can all get a little overwhelming when you're a new blogger like myself. I'd love to be more involved with companies, organizations and other people. Ifound a post on Tara's blog, Feels Like Home, called Spotlight on PR with simple (even I can do this!) instructions.

My name is Bri, I'm over 30 but under 35, married with one daughter who is 14 and work full time for a living. I'm a neat freak who is always on the search for an easier solution to household messes (and vehicle messes. and yard messes). I love to read just about anything fiction, enjoy crafting jewlery and trying new things. I love sharing my experience, and research all purchases over 30.00 (money is as tight as time these days). I hate spending money on an item or product that doesn't work! I'm also in the process of remodeling our home, and am open to ideas and suggestions. We have a (30 pound!!) cat and an 8 month old puppy (puggle) to add to the fun.

I would be intersted in hosting giveaways (if the company is responsible for shipping) for any product that is family friendly, and would love to review books, crafting kits/ideas, makeup, clothing, easy fix meals, home improvement/decor/cleaning, cat / dog items and anything teenager trendy.

My real-world and bloggy friend Silverhart Girl helped me start my very first blog which is still quite new. I hope to share my jewelery ideas, give honest opinons on books I've enjoyed (or not), other crafts I've tried and the ongoing saga of updating my home which I purchased in May.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Time flies when you're not having fun. . . . .

It's been a loooong week, and it's only Monday, which I think is not a good sign.

I crafted the Honey Peppermint Lip gloss Sunday, from I Want to Make That! Fun and easy! And it actually came out pretty good. I used 1 ounce "paint and mix" pots from Hobby Lobby ($1.99/12 and was able to fill 8 completely). I roped my daughter into helping, and we cackled like hyenas the whole time :) I made 3 w/ the peppermint essential oil, 2 with a splash of vanilla extract instead of the P.E.O., one w/ vanilla and P.E.O, and one with a bit of rasberry coffee syrup Brit's idea!). The syrup didn't blend completely, but it looks kinda cool - honey colored on top and bright pink on the bottom, It did set up well, so next time I think I will blend it in the pot over heat, rather than adding to the bottom of my containers and trying to shake it together. Which is not the best blending method apparently. The lip gloss smells fantastic and feels so good on! I want to make more (more! more!) this weekend - I'm going to try to use extracts rather than essential oils because I'm a cheap crafter :)

I'm waiting on my first book to review - Scott Hamilton: The Great Eight - from Thomas Nelson books. STILL hasn't arrived. I'm looking forward to reading it though.

I've got a couple of window charm ideas rolling around in my head - If I can pull them from my brain onto string I'll get them posted. These are a fun project that looks really neat hanging up.