Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spotlight on PR


I caught this chance today, and would love to join the fun of doing reviews and giveaways.

It can all get a little overwhelming when you're a new blogger like myself. I'd love to be more involved with companies, organizations and other people. Ifound a post on Tara's blog, Feels Like Home, called Spotlight on PR with simple (even I can do this!) instructions.

My name is Bri, I'm over 30 but under 35, married with one daughter who is 14 and work full time for a living. I'm a neat freak who is always on the search for an easier solution to household messes (and vehicle messes. and yard messes). I love to read just about anything fiction, enjoy crafting jewlery and trying new things. I love sharing my experience, and research all purchases over 30.00 (money is as tight as time these days). I hate spending money on an item or product that doesn't work! I'm also in the process of remodeling our home, and am open to ideas and suggestions. We have a (30 pound!!) cat and an 8 month old puppy (puggle) to add to the fun.

I would be intersted in hosting giveaways (if the company is responsible for shipping) for any product that is family friendly, and would love to review books, crafting kits/ideas, makeup, clothing, easy fix meals, home improvement/decor/cleaning, cat / dog items and anything teenager trendy.

My real-world and bloggy friend Silverhart Girl helped me start my very first blog which is still quite new. I hope to share my jewelery ideas, give honest opinons on books I've enjoyed (or not), other crafts I've tried and the ongoing saga of updating my home which I purchased in May.

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