Wednesday, August 26, 2009


For my birthday my husband and daughter gave me "The Awakening" by Kelley Armstrong, Book #2 in the Darkest Powers Trilogy. This trilogy is the ongoing saga of Chloe Saunders, one necromancer extraordinaire. The books parallel the Otherworld series, but these characters do not interact directly with those characters - well, at least not yet.

I love love love Kelley's Otherworld series, and absolutely had to read this new one when it came out. The DPT is every bit as good, just PG rather than R.

In this book, Chloe awakens back in the lab, locked into a "hotel room". Rachel has also been caught and contained. Chloe is able to access a computer, where she learns not only are they "others" but they have been genetically modified by the Edison Group in an experiment to control their powers. The Edison group claims to be working for the greater good of man kind (yep, key scary music here) and have modified their genetic codes in an effort to offset the "difficulties" paranormals experience at puberty, when powers tend to settle in. Chloe accesses a list of students, 1 who is considered "rehabilitated", 3 who have been terminated (Yes, Liz is definitely dead I fear), and she and Derek, who have "???" by their names.

Chloe cleverly tricks the Edison group into taking her with to look for the rendezvous point, stating she could be bait to lure Derrek and Simon out into the open for the Edison group to catch. She is able to get away (yay!), and amazingly, Tori comes with. Turns out Tori's had enough, her mom's an evil witch (literally!) and they take off together. Tori stays true to character, totally shallow, pushing Chloe into danger on more than one occasion and abandoning her when things get scary. Chloe's powers are intensifying (side effect of genetic modification - if it works your powers are less, if it doesn't then yours are more). Derrek is still unable to transform completely, but comes closer with each "fit". Derrek is now terrified of the changing process - a normal werewolf of course would and could shift when ready, but with the modifications who knows what will happen.

Chloe's powers are very unstable, she concentrates to contact Liz, and bats raise. The body of a homeless guy raises (funny as he tries to crawl up her legs) and a bird. Chloe discovers the hard way she can raise bodies in her sleep while dreaming, and fears what she will see each time she closes her eyes.

End of the book leaves you hanging for the finale of course - I won't spoil it, but you won't be disappointed. Definitely another winner from Ms. Armstrong.

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  1. I got to read this series. I just started my heather Graham book 3 chapter and it is great so far. I want to get back to reading it but to busy blogging. lol