Monday, August 3, 2009

Time flies when you're not having fun. . . . .

It's been a loooong week, and it's only Monday, which I think is not a good sign.

I crafted the Honey Peppermint Lip gloss Sunday, from I Want to Make That! Fun and easy! And it actually came out pretty good. I used 1 ounce "paint and mix" pots from Hobby Lobby ($1.99/12 and was able to fill 8 completely). I roped my daughter into helping, and we cackled like hyenas the whole time :) I made 3 w/ the peppermint essential oil, 2 with a splash of vanilla extract instead of the P.E.O., one w/ vanilla and P.E.O, and one with a bit of rasberry coffee syrup Brit's idea!). The syrup didn't blend completely, but it looks kinda cool - honey colored on top and bright pink on the bottom, It did set up well, so next time I think I will blend it in the pot over heat, rather than adding to the bottom of my containers and trying to shake it together. Which is not the best blending method apparently. The lip gloss smells fantastic and feels so good on! I want to make more (more! more!) this weekend - I'm going to try to use extracts rather than essential oils because I'm a cheap crafter :)

I'm waiting on my first book to review - Scott Hamilton: The Great Eight - from Thomas Nelson books. STILL hasn't arrived. I'm looking forward to reading it though.

I've got a couple of window charm ideas rolling around in my head - If I can pull them from my brain onto string I'll get them posted. These are a fun project that looks really neat hanging up.


  1. that sounds so fun!I want to try some. i can just picture you mixing things and laughing everywhere.Did the pots have lids?

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  3. sounds like the two of you had some good bonding time! enjoy the goodies that you made.