Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lonestar Secrets - Book Review

This one took a lot longer than I anticipated! I finally finished Lonestar Secrets by Coleen Coble.

The plot line to Lonestar Secrets was quite promising - Shannon returns to her hometown (she'd left years before) to be the local veterinarian. She is now a single mama of a young girl, and hopes to provide a good life for her there as she's inherited a home. Her daughter is one survivor of a twin, the second (identical) girl having died at birth. Shortly after moving home she runs into an old flame - who is a single father to a little girl the same age as Shannon's daughter and bearing an uncanny resemblence.

I didn't enjoy this book - the story line dragged in several areas, the "betrayal" Shannon experienced from her old boyfriend was laughable - you expect, from the way this is written, it would be truly something awful, like did he sleep with her best friend? Steal from her bank account? So the plot is building and building and, fizzle. Turns out the betrayal was none of the previous - Shannon thought she'd seen a unicorn horn on her horse and Jack had shared the story.

The ending also left a lot to be desired.

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This was a review for Thomas Nelson Books. I received Lonestar Secrets by Coleen Coble at no cost to review.

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